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Solar Decommissioning Services

Solutions for all phases of the solar product lifecycle

With experience reselling and recycling 100mw of solar modules to date, ONTILITY has the resources and knowledge to manage solar decommissioning projects of any scope or size. Although the life of solar panels can extend beyond two decades, the need to decommission solar products can be accelerated due to many of factors.

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How We Help

Manufacturing defects

Shipping Damage

Installation Damage

Premature product failure

Product recalls

Solar upgrades

Relocations and expansions

Weather damage

What We Do

ONTILITY offers comprehensive support and solutions for all phases of the solar-product lifecycle, from engineering and design consulting to due diligence and financial support, custom training and educational consulting, and solar-panel decommissioning.


ONTLITY will consult with our clients on the best solar decommissioning strategy to meet objectives for ROI, project timeline, and environment compliance.

Solar Assessment

The assessment phase includes market valuation and measures product demand on the secondary market.


ONTILTY will work without partners on the deinstallation process and assist with all logistics from palletizing to shipping.

Shipping and Logistics

From onsite project management to palletizing and shipping materials, ONTILITY offers full logistical support.


When panels have value on the secondary market, ONTILITY can purchase the product for resale on the secondary market


As an R2 and E-steward certified recycler, ONTILITY is committed to keeping product out of landfills and will manage all product recycling in an environmentally compliant and green manner.


If your decommissioning strategy includes charitable donations for tax credits, ONTILITY can coordinate the logistics and help identify a suitable non-profit organization.

Chain of Custody

ONTILITY provides product traceability including serial numbers and tracking

ONTILITY provides our customers with customizable solar solutions to address decommissioning challenges.
Learn how one of the largest solar farms in West Texas worked with ONTILITY to recover value on their damaged solar product while staying in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations.

The client’s solar product experienced extensive hail damage. The developers wanted to maximize their return on investment while staying in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations.

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Certifications and Affiliations



Smith’s adherence to specified e-waste practices underscores our deep commitment to supporting a healthy and responsible global recycling stream.



Smith conforms to the EN 50625 standards for responsible processing and disposing of electronic waste.


ISO 14001

Smith’s environmental management system promotes an environmentally conscious workplace and continuous compliance with applicable regulations.


SolarPower Europe

SolarPower Europe membership provides support to ONTILITY Powered by Smith through solar-industry news, market analysis, and networking opportunities.

Smith Insights in Solar Decommissioning

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