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Solar Excess-Inventory Solutions

Flexible support to help manage your surplus

ONTILITY supports businesses within the fast-expanding solar industry with a full suite of customized solutions to optimize their projects. Learn how ONTILITY can build a unique strategy to help you manage surplus stock.

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How We Help

Seamlessly navigate pricing fluctuations

Reduce equipment storage and holding costs

Avoid losses from warranty decreases

Keep pace with constantly evolving technology

Explore our recycling, design, and warehousing solutions for further customization of your unique program

What We Do

ONTILITY uses our dynamic distribution skills and solar-market expertise to flexibly address your excess inventory concerns, building solutions that are a unique fit for you.
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Retain maximum value

Surplus stock loses value the longer it sits in your warehouse. We’ll purchase your surplus so you can free up your inventory in a timely manner, recoup your investment, and minimize holding costs.

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Keep your inventory agile

Excess-inventory solutions offer flexibility – don’t burden yourself with stock you might one day use when you can recoup value now. ONTILITY can manage your new PV equipment needs at any point with competitive market pricing.

Give your assets a second life

ONTILITY’s remarketing options open new
doors for equipment you no longer need.
Backed by our global network of vetted and proven industry contacts, we are experts at matching buyers and sellers to resell your solar assets.

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Achieve sustainability goals

When you sell your unneeded equipment
to ONTILITY, new users can make use of
your solar assets, supporting the circular economy and reducing e-waste footprints.

Benefit from keen market visibility

ONTILITY’s up-to-the-minute market intelligence of both pricing and demand
means that we offer the most current
evaluations of your stock to support the highest ROI.

Build an ongoing partnership

When ONTILITY purchases your excess, we
will work with you to process your supplier application and carry out the careful vetting and confirmation that are the cornerstone of all our global partnerships.

From solar modules to inverters, having surplus stock build up is a common issue many businesses in the solar market deal with. ONTILITY can offer you freedom in managing your solar equipment through our excess-inventory solutions, which offer you agility in your assets and operations – all while delivering the maximum return on your investment.
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