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Solar Procurement

The leader in solar distribution

Headquartered in Houston, TX, and with offices in Asia and Europe, ONTILITY is a division of Smith, the leading global independent distributor of electronic components. Expand your solar procurement options with our global network of trusted suppliers and vast inventory of stocked solar products.

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Solar Products

From residential to commercial, we offer competitive prices on solar equipment globally

Solar Modules

ONTILITY offers a broad range of solar PV modules –from new, full-warranty, high-wattage, tier-one modules to low-priced, reduced-warranty, and used modules. We can provide all quantities, from pallets and containers to multi-megawatt.


ONTILITY carries inverter solutions for all sizes of project – many of them in stock and ready to ship the next day. We offer residential solutions, including microinverters, off-grid, string, and optimizers. Commercial and utility options cover both centrals and large-scale string solutions.

Racking and Mounting

ONTILITY offers mounting, racking, and structural products, plus solutions for every type of solar-mounting configuration and application. We feature a comprehensive, in-house inventory of mounting and racking pieces, parts, and components. These range from small residential fixed-mount applications and custom-designed and fabricated car structures to signage and foam-based solutions and large-scale concentrated ground-mount trackers.

Balance of System (BOS) and Monitoring

We offer an extensive list of balance of system (BOS) components from the industry’s leading manufacturers. BOS components include, but are not limited to: batteries, charge controllers, monitoring devices, cables, connectors, over-current protection, disconnects, combiner boxes, grounding hardware, enclosures, stainless fastening hardware, lightning protection, and adhesives.

Energy Storage

We offer a wide variety of the latest energy storage solutions on the market. We support PV projects ranging from single panel units to multiple megawatt arrays. Regardless if your system is off-grid or grid-tied, we can design solutions and offer products to support your needs.

Solar Attic Fans

ONTILITY offers solar attic fans from multiple reputable manufacturers in the industry. Solar attic fans are available both individually for direct buyers and homeowners and in bulk for installers and home builders who need larger quantities.


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