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Smith Names Four New Trading Directors

These Smith leaders will foster new growth and innovation within the company

Houston, TX (April 1, 2021) – Smith, a global distributor of electronic components and semiconductors, today announces the appointment of four new trading directors. These employees bring with them years of experience and industry leadership, positioning Smith for success and exponential growth.

“Smith’s ability to evolve and innovate stems from the deep market knowledge and thriving ingenuity of our employees,” said Todd Burke, President, Americas at Smith. “This expansion of our leadership team will help drive Smith forward and push us to new heights.”

Jennifer Kabbara, Director of Global Sales: In this role, Jennifer will support the trading team in developing key opportunities and collaborating across Smith’s 16 offices worldwide. Jennifer joined Smith in 1994 and most recently served as Trader Development Manager, a position she has held since 2007.

Juline Longo, Director of Commodity Program Services: Juline will manage the company’s commodity-procurement services. Prior to this role, he served as Smith’s CPU/Commodities Manager since 2012 and has been with the company since 1993.

Megan Pedigo, Director of Purchasing – Service/Peripherals: Megan will oversee peripheral procurement for Smith’s supply chain services. Megan has been with the company for more than 20 years and most recently held the position of Assistant Director of Purchasing – Service/Peripherals.

Lindsey Garland, Director of Corporate Strategy: Lindsey will assist the trading department in identifying new opportunities for Smith to expand and develop. Lindsey joined ONTILITY, now Smith’s solar division, in 2011 before taking on her most recent role of Senior Financial Analyst at Smith in 2016.

“Jennifer, Juline, Megan, and Lindsey have been invaluable to Smith’s business for many years,” said Marc Barnhill, Chief Trading Officer at Smith. “As we focus their collective talents and insights on the many new initiatives and strategic opportunities on the horizon, I look forward to our continued achievement and advancement as a leader in our industry.”

About Smith

Founded in 1984, Smith sources, manages, and distributes the electronic components that go into everything from mobile phones and computers to appliances and directional drilling systems. In 16 cities around the world, Smith’s legion of employees communicates in 50 languages and dialects and buys and sells components 24 hours per day, with global annual sales in excess of $1.35 billion. Smith is always moving: helping manufacturers navigate market shifts; customizing supply chain solutions; testing components using cutting-edge technology. The support of Smith’s flexible Intelligent DistributionTM model optimizes customers’ supply chains from beginning to end, including offering customized options for IT asset disposition that deliver maximum ROI, sustainability, and security. Smith’s testing and logistics hubs in Houston, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam cover critical areas like quality management, counterfeit prevention, and environmental safety. Smith’s operations, purchasing, and sales worldwide are seamlessly integrated with the company’s global IT infrastructure, offering real-time, global inventory and logistics visibility. Smith is the leading independent distributor of electronic components and ranks number nine among all global distributors. For more information, please visit or reach out to a Smith representative any time of day at +1 713.430.3000.


For more information, contact:

Mark Bollinger
Smith, Chief Globalization Officer
+1 713.430.3038
[email protected]



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