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Optimize your supply chain with the largest independent automotive semiconductor supplier

The automotive field has changed dramatically in recent years, with smart technology’s integration into innumerable areas of daily life. Vehicles today are as connected as mobile devices – and require component support to match.

How We Help

Navigate shortage challenges when components are in hot demand

Explore dynamic procurement support, from lifecycle management to cost savings

Get ahead of disruptions with proactive inventory management models

Confirm components’ authenticity and quality with Smith’s certified laboratories and processes

Look to Smith’s market intelligence to stay ahead of trends

Tap into a trusted supplier network that spans the globe

What We Do

Every facet of vehicle construction matters, from safety to newly integrated conveniences that augment drivers’ and passengers’ experiences. Smith will support your build to the level of each vital component.

Expert Support for Shortage Situations

The combination of exponential tech advances with wide-scale global disruption has made shortages a dire challenge in the automotive and other supply chains. Smith is specialized in navigating shortages and other disruption situations to remain agile no matter what the market brings – and to keep our partners just as agile.

Shortage Sourcing

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Multifaceted, Customizable Procurement Support

Smith’s comprehensive procurement support goes beyond shortage sourcing and can support any situation or need. From proactive obsolescence and lifecycle-management support to help with supplier consolidation or cost savings, Smith can work with you to build unique sourcing programs that fit your requirements while delivering the parts you need.


Quality That Gets People Where They’re Going – Safely

Modern vehicles are fine-tuned systems engineered to function precisely and protect everyone on the road with ever-evolving capabilities and features. Each component that supports these functions is vital. Smith’s best-in-class, global quality laboratories confirm and safeguard component functionality and authenticity to the most rigorous standards.

Smith Quality

Adaptable Inventory Management

While sourcing the parts you need now is crucial, we can help you take the next step in building out models for ongoing procurement and inventory management to save you time and effort through future market shifts and upheavals. From large-scale VMI programs to excess-inventory solutions, we’ll help craft a custom solution ideal for your needs.

Supply Chain Solutions

The automotive industry shows no signs of slowing down as innovations in performance, experience, and connectivity speed forward. Partner with Smith, and we’ll help you stay at the forefront.

Certifications and Affiliations


Automotive Standard Recognition

A third-party audit has confirmed Smith's conformance to the requirements of the IATF 16949 standard as they pertain to testing, inspection, and distribution of electronic components for automotive use, with specified exclusions.



Our avoidance protocol, detection, mitigation, and disposition of counterfeit electronic parts keep inauthentic components out of the aerospace supply chain and protect quality, safety, and performance.



Smith upholds additional standards for safety and reliability that meet the aerospace industry’s stringent security and dependability needs.


CCCI-102 Level 1 and Level 2

Our quality inspectors’ CCCI-102 certification expands upon the anti-counterfeit standards contained in Smith’s CCAP-101 certification and helps to safeguard the global supply chain from inauthentic components.



GIDEP membership gives Smith access to resources that provide us with details about companies involved in incidents of suspect counterfeit parts.



ERAI membership provides access to a global network of resources to help identify high-risk suppliers and detect counterfeit parts.

Hear From Our People

Smart auto technology has grown more and more ubiquitous in vehicles and has changed the industry to one that relies on evolving semiconductor and electronic-component dynamics. Smith is here to support automotive companies as they make this leap into the next stage of their industry’s growth.

Cleat Kimbrough

President, EMEA

Smith Insights in the Automotive Industry


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