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Excess Inventory Solutions

Turn your excess inventory into a revenue stream

The longer your IT assets sit untouched, the greater the potential for loss as the parts go obsolete and lose resale value. Smith’s excess inventory solutions recover value by turning your unused components, peripherals, and IT equipment into a source of revenue.

How We Help
Excess inventory solutions to meet your timeline
Maximized returns on your investments
Hybrid and customizable inventory programs
Environmentally friendly and profitable solutions
What We Do

Smith recovers the value of your excess inventory by maximizing your potential return.

Inventory lot buys

Lot buys offer you a quick way to move excess inventory off your warehouse shelves and your balance sheets. Under this model, Smith buys your inventory lot outright and can assist with shipping and packaging of your excess.

Consignment programs

Consignment offers you an opportunity to free up warehouse space and receive the greatest return on investment for marketable excess inventory. Depending on your preference, consigned inventory can be stored at Smith’s ESD-safe warehouses in Houston, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, or Singapore. Once consigned, Smith will market and resell inventory and ship product direct from stock. Profits are shared at an agreed-upon percentage.

Sale of non-consigned inventory

Smith’s Non-Consigned Inventory Sales Model allows you to maintain ownership of your inventory and continue daily warehousing responsibilities while your inventory is marketed to Smith’s vast network of potential buyers. Both our consignment and non-consignment solutions benefit from Smith’s aggressive direct-marketing model.

Market analysis

Determining the current market value of excess inventory requires component knowledge and market expertise. Experts in supply sources and market values, our Commodity Managers provide analysis of excess lists to measure resale potential and identify the best strategy for asset recovery. Hybrid programs involving elements of lot buy, consignment, and non-consignment sales programs can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Customer matching

Smith matches buyers and sellers by utilizing longstanding relationships with major electronics OEMs and EMS providers and up-to-the-minute market knowledge. As the largest electronics components distributor, our traders upload excess lists into our internal database and market them all over the world using strategies such as cross-selling, part-number linking, product-application identification, and industry mapping.

Slow-moving inventory can be matched to buyers in our worldwide customer base under a Smith consignment program.
By partnering with Smith for a consignment program, our client turned their EOL excess waste into a profitable and environmentally friendly new revenue stream.

Slow-moving inventory was quickly matched to buyers in Smith’s worldwide customer base, and the consignment program expanded to other commodity types.

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Certifications and Affiliations
Smith’s warehouses are certified to the highest standards to keep components safe and ensure proper handling.


Smith has obtained the industry’s highest level of supply chain security as it pertains to the handling, warehousing, and shipping processes that safeguard our customers’ products.



Smith meets U.S. Customs and Border Protection security standards and helps customers avoid delays that slow product delivery.


ISO 14001

Smith’s environmental management system promotes an environmentally conscious workplace and continuous compliance with applicable regulations.



Our IAITAM membership supports Smith’s involvement in the full IT asset-management lifecycle and enhances the efficiency, ROI, and risk avoidance achieved by following industry best practices.



The International Secure Information Governance & Management Association™ validates Smith's commitment to protecting your sensitive data through the safe and secure disposition and destruction of assets.

Hear From Our People

Smith’s many years of experience matching buyers and sellers of electronic components position us to help our customers maximize the return on their excess inventory while filling a need for another customer in search of that product.

Todd Burke

President of Global Business Development

Smith Insights in Excess Inventory Solutions

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