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Consumer Electronics

Don’t miss a beat in delivering to your end users

From phones and TVs to smart-home devices like refrigerators, consumer electronics are everywhere in our lives. We’ll help you source and manage the stock you need of the components that power them.

How We Help

Source components to support diverse consumer products

Navigate supply chain shifts with market intelligence insights

Overcome shortage challenges and other disruptions with ease

Manage components proactively across their lifecycles

Ensure product integrity through Smith’s quality program

Build prospective, tailored inventory-management programs

Explore cost-savings options

What We Do

Needs run the gamut in the broad and fast-evolving consumer electronics marketplace. We’ll get components to you so that you can get – and keep – your products on shelves.

Flexible Procurement Support

Whether you’re navigating a shortage or need end-of-life or last-time-buy parts, our experts will work with you to source and deliver the components you need on your specific timeline so your production continues seamlessly.

Procurement Support

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Lifecycle Management

Product builds are precise, and the components that go into them demand attention just as precise. We’ll work with you to manage every lifecycle phase of the products on your bill of materials so you can plan well in advance for any changes. Our commodity specialists have the expertise needed to help you stay prepared.

Lifecycle Management

Industry-Leading Quality Assurance

Your brand name goes on products people use every day – quality matters. Partnering with Smith means all products we source pass through our certified quality laboratories where we offer intensive functionality and authenticity testing. Your brand is trustworthy; Smith provides quality just as reliable.

Smith Quality

Inventory Management Solutions

It’s complex enough to design, manufacture, and ready your products for retail without inventory concerns stalling your production and marketing plans. Smith’s comprehensive inventory management solutions offer freedom from changeable supply chains by allowing you to build a stock of the components you need to fit your ideal model.

Vendor-Managed Inventory

From tracking and sourcing scarce parts to building strategic inventory for the future, Smith can help consumer-electronics manufacturers keep moving at the pace of their customers’ demand.

Certifications and Affiliations



Our avoidance protocol, detection, mitigation, and disposition of counterfeit electronic parts keep inauthentic components out of the aerospace supply chain and protect quality, safety, and performance.


ISO/IEC 17025

Our laboratories and testing procedures are accredited to ensure we consistently provide reliable, accurate results.



ERAI membership provides access to a global network of resources to help identify high-risk suppliers and detect counterfeit parts.



GIDEP membership gives Smith access to resources that provide us with details about companies involved in incidents of suspect counterfeit parts.



SMTA membership provides Smith with extensive technical resources to enhance our electronics-manufacturing knowledge base.

Hear From Our People

The consumer electronics field is vast and has demands just as diverse. As consumer products get continually smarter and more connected, the components that enable smart tech become more vital to keeping these everyday devices running optimally. Smith is here to help support these needs.

Kent Pang

President, APAC

Smith Insights in the Consumer Electronics Industry


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