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One Trusted Supplier for Over 25 Thousand Unique Components

Smith fulfills over 500,000 requirement lines annually, across all brands and product families. Our vast supplier network includes trusted sources for the following product types and beyond.


Our CPUs come from a full range of top manufacturers so that you can stock the specific model you’re looking for. The processing power, integrity, and functionality of our CPUs are confirmed through extensive testing, which uses manufacturer-provided test utilities and the support of our global QA laboratories.

Memory Modules

Whether you’re looking for RDIMM, UDIMM, or SODIMM, 8 or 32 GB, or 2666-, 2400-, or 2133-speeds, we have the modules you need. And our full functionality testing allows us to deliver you the highest quality on all memory modules we sell.

Panels and Displays

Achieve the highest clarity with panels and displays sourced by Smith. We offer a wide range of diagnostic tests and can provide custom programmable drive and pattern capability. Smith offers panels of all sizes, from any manufacturer you’re looking for.


Build from the best foundation with motherboards sourced by Smith. We provide diagnostics and testing to ensure quality. Burn-in testing is also available. Smith offers all the brands and specs you need to get moving today.


Our selection of peripherals includes optical disk drives, CD-ROM/DVD and Blu-ray drives, and more.
All of our peripherals have passed through complete diagnostic testing in our world-class laboratories to make sure their read and write functionalities and multimedia capabilities are top-notch.

Graphics Cards

Smith sources top-of-the-line graphics cards and provides full testing for a range of traits – including capacity, functionality, and quality and clarity of output – which lets us offer the best product options for your builds.


We offer sourcing for a diverse selection of drives, from HDDs to different varieties of SSDs like mSATA, M.2, and PCIe. All of them have passed through Smith’s diagnostic testing to make sure they are clean for immediate use and fully functional for all applications.

Flash Products

Whether you’re constructing memory cards, flash drives, SSDs, or any other device that relies on flash products, Smith offers high-quality options for a full spectrum of specifications and needs. All are verified by our global QA program and laboratories so you can trust that you’re building with the best.


Smith offers sourcing for a full assortment of passive components to meet specific resistance, capacitance, and voltage requirements. Our offerings range from the most commonly used to the hardest-to-find capacitors, resistors, and inductors in the market.


From microcontrollers and transistors to diodes and power ICs, Smith offers a full range of active component types, brands, models, and more to meet your every specification and find a home in your products. And we back our component quality with the resources of our global quality laboratories so you can trust every component we provide.


These in-demand capacitors find a home in products of every sort, from consumer devices like laptops and phones to medical equipment, smart vehicles, and beyond. Whatever you’re building, whatever your industry, and whatever scale of production you’re operating at, we can support you with a top-quality selection of MLCCs to power your products.

Memory Components

From DRAM to SD cards, our vast range of memory components will help you achieve the swift, powerful processing that will distinguish your products. We test all memory components for quality and functionality within manufacturer-specific testing requirements, with both server-level and burn-in testing available.


Our array of used and refurbished mobile devices includes phones, tablets, and other mobile products from all major carriers for customization, component recovery, inventory, or resale. We offer devices from like-new to heavily used so that you can acquire products in the state that matches your needs and budget.


Datacenters and networking products keep businesses moving around the world. That means that the components powering them are vital to keep people connected and in motion. We support this momentum with a broad range of networking products of all types, models, and manufacturers.


Whether you’re looking for multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic cables, direct-attach cables, or sophisticated cable-management options, Smith can support your production, datacenter, or telecom installations with top-quality products.

Networking Cards

Across industries, dependable connectivity is an essential feature for any smart device. Smith offers a wide selection of networking cards to enable secure, stable network connectivity in all of your products. No matter what distance, speed, or RAM requirements your product demands, our array of networking cards can fit any project.


Smith offers our own brand of optical transceivers, as well as lines from all major manufacturers. All of our transceivers are tested within their intended systems so you can put them into use immediately, integrating these components into a diverse expanse of setups.

Franchise Lines

Smith is engaged in every distribution channel, from independent to direct. In addition to our vast open-market network, we also offer the following portfolio of franchised lines:

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American Opto Plus


AU Optronics

AU Optronics

Cal-Chip Electronics Inc.




Holy Stone International

Holy Stone

SK hynix




Viking Tech America


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