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Supplier-Consolidation Services

Streamline your procurement

Navigating the global component market can stretch your purchasing department thin, especially when acquisition costs and managing sprawling supplier bases add to their challenges. When it becomes a struggle to get the parts your company needs, it’s time to ease this burden and get back to business.

How We Help
Consolidate similar or overlapping suppliers
Eliminate low-volume suppliers
Centralize your supplier approval process
Reduce personnel and transactional costs
Increase procurement speed and flexibility
Ensure product quality
What We Do

Smith’s supplier-consolidation services lower overhead costs in the procurement process.

Cost Savings

Smith’s systematic supplier consolidation allows you to increase the efficiency of the buying process, lowering your total cost of acquisition. By reducing your number of suppliers, you can reduce your transactional costs and see significant savings.

Improved Global Supply Chain

Centralizing your noncritical purchases through Smith alleviates your purchasing pressures without compromising product quality or availability. Smith can give you access to hundreds of new suppliers to support your noncritical purchases, with qualified suppliers of your choice or through our global supplier network.

Time and Resource Savings

It can take hours (if not longer) to set up new suppliers. We can help reduce this time sink and optimize your resources by eliminating the ramp-up time for noncritical supplier management. Centralizing select purchases through Smith saves time and money and keeps you moving with the products you need.

Onsite and Offsite Support

Smith will assign a dedicated buyer or team of buyers to manage all of your purchases. Maximize your partnership with Smith with optional onsite support at your facility, and let Smith act as an extension of your existing purchasing team.

Smith’s supplier-consolidation services create new operational efficiencies by reducing the number of suppliers needed for noncritical or one-off purchases.



Learn how our client reduced their supplier base while simultaneously increasing flexibility in their supply chain.

The client was managing over 700 suppliers with a time-intensive and costly process that had to be followed for every new vendor added. See how Smith helped them streamline their purchasing process and alleviate the burdens of managing noncritical suppliers.

View Success Story
Certifications and Affiliations


Our avoidance protocol, detection, mitigation, and disposition of counterfeit electronic parts keep inauthentic components out of the aerospace supply chain and protect quality, safety, and performance.



Smith upholds additional standards for safety and reliability that meet the aerospace industry’s stringent security and dependability needs.


CCCI-102 Level 1 and Level 2

Our quality inspectors’ CCCI-102 certification expands upon the anti-counterfeit standards contained in Smith’s CCAP-101 certification and helps to safeguard the global supply chain from inauthentic components.


ISO/IEC 17025

Our laboratories and testing procedures are accredited to ensure we consistently provide reliable, accurate results.

Hear From Our People

Smith’s supplier-consolidation services save our customers countless hours of supplier setup time and management. We’ve taken a thousand suppliers down to a single partnership with Smith that resulted in over a million dollars in realized savings.

Todd Burke

President of Global Business Development


Smith Insights in Supplier Consolidation

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