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Cost Savings

Identify and capture cost savings

Smith’s cost-savings support will help you lower your costs while getting the components you need.

How We Help
Identify cost-savings opportunities with Smith’s proprietary PPV tool
Gain wide access to available parts on your demand list
Assure product availability across global locations
Receive product as needed, or just in time
Discover new opportunities for cost savings on an ongoing basis
Work with Smith’s dedicated PPV specialists
Schedule orders for long-term supply
What We Do

Smith’s market intelligence and cutting-edge technology helps maximize your cost savings. Smith offers flexible programs that promise you a stable, long-term inventory supply.

Price targeting

Purchasing departments face constant pressure to get the parts needed for production within a set budget. We help you overcome the challenges of standard pricing by setting your price targets in our system.

Purchase-Price Variance (PPV) services

You specify the parts you need and the price range they must fall within, and we’ll track down components that fit the bill on the open market – below standard pricing. We pass these savings on to you.

Flexible options

Smith’s diverse cost-savings options offer benefits like excess inventory on parts you need or ongoing procurement. If your bill of materials calls for a steady stock of specific components, we’ll track your demand in real time and find and deliver them – within your target price range.

Smith’s comprehensive system for part matching helps identify favorable purchase price variance on your part requirements.
Learn how our client used Smith’s purchase price variance (PPV) program to identify and capture cost savings on electronic components around the globe.

The client needed help identifying sustained savings on electronic components and securing long-term inventory that is procured, made visible, and delivered just in time.

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Certifications and Affiliations


Our avoidance protocol, detection, mitigation, and disposition of counterfeit electronic parts keep inauthentic components out of the aerospace supply chain and protect quality, safety, and performance.



Smith upholds additional standards for safety and reliability that meet the aerospace industry’s stringent security and dependability needs.


CCCI-102 Level 1 and Level 2

Our quality inspectors’ CCCI-102 certification expands upon the anti-counterfeit standards contained in Smith’s CCAP-101 certification and helps to safeguard the global supply chain from inauthentic components.



Smith stays informed of electronics-manufacturing industry standards and guidelines through IPC membership to help us provide premier technical support to our customers.



SMTA membership provides Smith with extensive technical resources to enhance our electronics-manufacturing knowledge base.

"Smith’s PPV cost-savings program leverages the diverse range of the open market to find the best possible pricing on vital components and pass those savings along to our partners."

Todd Snow

Vice President of Global Purchasing

Smith Insights in Cost-Savings

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