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Vendor-Managed Inventory

Put your inventory management in our hands

From stock-level maintenance and forecasting to shipping and warehousing, the time and money spent on inventory management can be significant. Smith’s VMI services alleviate the burdens of inventory ownership, boost your operational efficiency, and help keep you focused on your core business.

How We Help
Reduce total cost of inventory ownership
Secure product availability across regions
Decrease the effects of market volatility
Hub inventory for use at multiple sites
Schedule just-in-time delivery
Ensure stringent inspection and testing
Gain visibility into your global inventory
What We Do

Smith’s VMI services let you turn over the responsibilities of inventory management to us.


Smith offers multiple models for inventory ownership and can manage both customer-owned and Smith-owned inventory. We will customize a VMI workflow for your solution that is unique to your needs.


Smith’s VMI programs utilize our warehousing space, so you can eliminate the warehouse-personnel costs once associated with managing your inventory. Smith’s shipping and logistics hubs occupy ESD-, climate-, and temperature-controlled warehouse space so that your inventory will be stored properly and remain uncompromised.


Smith can act as a central hubbing location, managing requests from multiple sites. Our online tools provide a centralized portal for visibility of your inventory, so you always know the status of your shipments and what is on-hand.


We carefully monitor and manage replenishments of inventories to your specifications. Global visibility into program activity and inventory levels allows us to balance surpluses and high demand across geographies.


Smith can act as your forecasting partner, supported by our proprietary software for supply chain management and inventory planning. Customer, performance, and market reviews provide visibility into the movement, cost, value, and projected usage of your inventory.

Rely on Smith as a central hubbing location to manage requests from all of your sites. We can plan, monitor, maintain, and replenish your inventory levels to your specifications.
Learn how Smith’s vendor managed inventory program helped our client control the availability and flow of critical commodity parts accurately.

The client removed uncertainty regarding inventory demand, pricing, availability, and status. Smith efficiently managed inventory through warehouse consolidation and geographic staging.

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Certifications and Affiliations


Smith has obtained the industry’s highest level of supply chain security as it pertains to the handling, warehousing, and shipping processes that safeguard our customers’ products.



Smith meets U.S. Customs and Border Protection security standards and helps customers avoid delays that slow product delivery.



Our avoidance protocol, detection, mitigation, and disposition of counterfeit electronic parts keep inauthentic components out of the aerospace supply chain and protect quality, safety, and performance.



Smith upholds additional standards for safety and reliability that meet the aerospace industry’s stringent security and dependability needs.


CCCI-102 Level 1 and Level 2

Our quality inspectors’ CCCI-102 certification expands upon the anti-counterfeit standards contained in Smith’s CCAP-101 certification and helps to safeguard the global supply chain from inauthentic components.


ISO/IEC 17025

Our laboratories and testing procedures are accredited to ensure we consistently provide reliable, accurate results.

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    Hear From Our People

    Our goal is to simplify inventory management for our customers. Smith’s supplier-managed inventory-management programs are fully customizable, with IT customizations and global warehousing solutions.

    Renato Souza

    Vice President of Global Business Development

    Smith Insights in Vendor-Managed Inventory

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