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Secure premium parts from qualified sellers

SmithTrade’s auction-style platform helps you stay under budget for the electronic components you need to complete your build. All sellers are thoroughly validated through our stringent supplier-approval process to ensure product meets your specific requirements.



How We Help
Thousands of excess parts from approved sellers
Real-time visibility into global inventory levels
Best-in-class quality assurance
Flexible purchasing options
How It Works
Enjoy a secure, hassle-free experience on our exclusive online marketplace.

Search for Your Desired Parts

Save key BOM items to your watchlist for future consideration and compare pricing without commitment.

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Buy Now

Avoid the wait and procure the product you need with just one click.

Submit a Bid

Meet your pricing requirements and bid on inventory for spot buys, shortage, buffer stock, or cost-reduction strategies. Set bid expiration dates and specify product requirements to focus your search.

Order Submission

Orders are automatically confirmed and issued upon supplier approval. Monitor the purchase status through your dedicated account manager.

Product Verification

All products are inspected, measured, verified, and tested from the outer packaging inward to confirm that they meet the highest standards.

Order Invoice and Shipment

SmithTrade™ sales-order agreements are paid in accordance with the agreed-upon terms issued by Smith.

Our flexible part exchange helps you efficiently and effectively discover affordable products from preferred suppliers around the world.

Hear From Our People

“SmithTrade’s watchlist feature provides exclusive access to real-time market information. Stay up to date on pricing trends to help you make informed procurement decisions and buy when conditions are most favorable.”

Jennifer Kabbara

President, Americas

Find the parts you need on SmithTrade™

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