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Market Intelligence Report

Empowering insights on commodity and supply chain dynamics

Open-market activity provides a lens into broader market conditions and is often an early indicator of trends and supply chain disruptions. As electronic-component distribution channels have evolved in our increasingly connected world, tier-one OEMS and CMs have looked to open-market distributors as strategic partners to help balance their supply chains.

We’ll help you make the most informed and tactical decisions.

Each month, Smith offers select customers access to our expertly curated Market Intelligence Report.

Our team of experts brings a diverse wealth of knowledge and experience that helps us offer the most relevant and actionable insights into the global electronic-component marketplace. From Smith’s decades in business and vast network of longstanding market relationships to the commodity, cross-industry, and regional expertise of our employees, we have connections and resources in place to keep you fully informed and help guide your purchasing strategies.

Market Bytes

Smith’s biweekly Market Bytes offer a quick at-a-glance into what’s going on in the worldwide electronic-component marketplace.
Market Byte 9.28.2023
MCUs, mid- and high-voltage MOSFETS, and PMICs—especially voltage regulators and gate drivers—are experiencing the most shortages, no matter the manufacturer or end-use application.
Market Byte Automotive Insights 9.27.2023
Porche, BMW, Volkswagen, and Toyota announced electric-vehicle sales targets of 80 percent, 50 percent, 50 percent, and 33 percent, respectively, by the end of the decade, and General Motors plans to move its entire fleet to electric by 2035.
Market Byte 9.26.2023
Needs for personal computing, smartphones, and tablets stayed in the doldrums in the last month after experiencing minor upticks in need during the back-to-school purchasing cycle.
Market Byte 9.21.2023
The medical-electronics segment has slowed a little over the last month, though end users are still having difficulties receiving some ICs, like MCUs and FPGAs.
Automotive Insights Market Byte 9.20.2023
Deliveries for automotive MLCCs, chip resistors, and connectors are still the main passive-component problems, while commercial-grade and consumer-focused materials are once again growing in excess.
Market Byte 9.19.2023
Demand for goods in the industrial sector has slowed recently as private consumer investments in renewable-energy products are being hindered by high interest rates.
Market Byte 9.14.2023
According to Canalys, artificial-intelligence growth continues to create increased demand for servers of all types.
Automotive Insights Market Byte 9.13.2023
Infineon’s China-based material suppliers, SICC and TankeBlue, recently obtained certification for automotive-grade SiC and have begun delivering products to customers worldwide. China holds a leading position in the electric-vehicle and industrial-grade-inverters markets—both of which are heavily dependent on SiC products.
Market Byte 9.12.2023
The S&P Global Purchasing Managers' Index™ for the global electronics market fell from 47.5 in July to 46.9 in August, signifying continued deterioration in the strength of the market.



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