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Market Intelligence Report

Empowering insights on commodity and supply chain dynamics

Open-market activity provides a lens into broader market conditions and is often an early indicator of trends and supply chain disruptions. As electronic-component distribution channels have evolved in our increasingly connected world, tier-one OEMS and CMs have looked to open-market distributors as strategic partners to help balance their supply chains.

We’ll help you make the most informed and tactical decisions.

Each month, Smith offers select customers access to our expertly curated Market Intelligence Report.

Our team of experts brings a diverse wealth of knowledge and experience that helps us offer the most relevant and actionable insights into the global electronic-component marketplace. From Smith’s decades in business and vast network of longstanding market relationships to the commodity, cross-industry, and regional expertise of our employees, we have connections and resources in place to keep you fully informed and help guide your purchasing strategies.

Market Bytes

Smith’s biweekly Market Bytes offer a quick at-a-glance into what’s going on in the worldwide electronic-component marketplace.
Market Byte 3.30.2023
Memory manufacturers are working to solve their current challenges in varied ways. Micron and SK hynix continue to cut CAPEX plans and utilization rates for DRAM and NAND products. Samsung is still playing the market at an even keel to garner market share in preparation for the upturn. Meanwhile, KIOXIA and Western Digital are discussing a merger of their NAND and storage business.
Automotive Insights Market Byte 3.29.2023
The semiconductor shortage, coupled with a boost in demand for electric vehicles from new governmental policies, prompted IDMs and foundries to begin wafer-capacity expansions earlier than planned. The number of expansions grew at an unprecedented rate in 2022, though they are unlikely to arrive quickly enough to ease the current shortages.
Market Byte 3.28.2023
Global inflation rates are hindering consumer confidence and keeping production costs elevated, while the decoupling of semiconductor production from Chinese firms is still shuffling foundry and IDM CAPEX to other regions of the world. Still, the current environment remains somewhat stable.
Market Byte 3.23.2023
Raw materials continue to cause some concern within the global supply chain. There are currently constraints due to labor problems within the mining industry and energy outages that have hampered Chinese metal-refinement companies; additionally, the noble-gas refiners in Ukraine are still closed.
Automotive Insights Market Byte 3.22.2023
Automakers are currently employing several strategies to curb instability in their future semiconductor supplies, including entering into more long-term supply agreements with chip suppliers. This can include helping to pay for line expansions for a guaranteed percentage of the production capacity
Market Byte 3.21.2023
Other than two TI wafer-fab expansions that are in the works, global wafer capacity should remain at approximately its current level for the next two calendar quarters. Because of this, many current shortages are likely to continue unabated if demand does not fall significantly.
Market Byte 3.16.2023
The global electronics industry is currently hopeful that the second half of 2023 will see a bounceback and small percentage growth for the PC and smartphone markets, but component excesses and lower utilization rate at fabs are expected to continue.
Automotive Insights Market Byte 3.15.2023
After the January fire at a Welnew electroplating facility in China, requests for parts thought to be affected occurred quickly but quieted during February. However, shortages for parts known to be affected – mostly mid-range MOSFETs normally used in automotive and industrial applications – remain above pre-fire levels.
Market Byte 3.14.2023
With the bulk of the computing markets – PC, cloud computing/datacenter, and smartphone – still sailing through fierce headwinds, memory manufacturers and computing-peripheral manufacturers are facing challenges. The customer currently still holds the upper hand in pricing negotiations for memory and most computing peripherals.



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