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Market Intelligence Report

Empowering insights on commodity and supply chain dynamics

Open-market activity provides a lens into broader market conditions and is often an early indicator of trends and supply chain disruptions. As electronic-component distribution channels have evolved in our increasingly connected world, tier-one OEMS and CMs have looked to open-market distributors as strategic partners to help balance their supply chains.

We’ll help you make the most informed and tactical decisions.

Each month, Smith offers select customers access to our expertly curated Market Intelligence Report.

Our team of experts brings a diverse wealth of knowledge and experience that helps us offer the most relevant and actionable insights into the global electronic-component marketplace. From Smith’s decades in business and vast network of longstanding market relationships to the commodity, cross-industry, and regional expertise of our employees, we have connections and resources in place to keep you fully informed and help guide your purchasing strategies.

Market Bytes

Smith’s biweekly Market Bytes offer a quick at-a-glance into what’s going on in the worldwide electronic-component marketplace.
Preview Market Byte 1.18.22
Supplies of power management and microcontrollers remain constrained – especially those from NXP, STMicroelectronics, onsemi, and Microchip Technology. Lead times are trending upwards to 50-plus weeks. Pricing is volatile and has steadily increased day after day in the last month.
Preview Market Byte 1.13.2022
Demand has intensified in recent weeks for networking equipment, specifically Broadcom controllers and adaptors, Mellanox controllers, and Intel ethernet cards. Supplies are severely constrained in the market, with lead times between 12 and 16 weeks. Pricing has also ticked up over the last month.
Preview Market Byte 1.11.2022
Availability of FPGAs, specifically those of Altera (Intel) and Xilinx, is worsening as demand surges. Supplies are extremely limited, with lead times averaging 54-plus weeks and trending upwards. Pricing has jumped by approximately 20% over the last month.
Preview Market Byte 1.4.2022
Demand for Intel’s Skylake CPUs has intensified in recent weeks, and product availability has seemed to tighten overnight. Lead times have more than doubled from the standard one-to-two weeks, with backorders stacked up through the end of February. Pricing is currently stable.
Preview Market Byte 12.30.2021
Demand for enterprise SSDs continues to rise. We do not anticipate a slowdown in demand or uptick in product availability for at least the next several months. We are seeing some small quantities within the channel, but lead times for large quantities of product are extended.
Preview Market Byte 12.28.2021
Supplies of MOSFETs and IGBTs remain constrained – especially those of onsemi, Nexperia, and Infineon. Lead times are trending upwards to over 50-plus weeks, and pricing is elevated and changing daily.
Preview Market Byte 12.23.2021
Supplies of AMD’s EPYC CPUs remain constrained, with product severely limited within the channel. Lead times are very unstable, with many distributors unable to provide accurate delivery dates. Despite the strong demand and scarce supply, pricing has remained stable.
Preview Market Byte 12.21.2021
Lead times for most DRAM are running at the average one-to-two weeks, and contract pricing is in line with last month. We expect these dynamics to remain in play while the board-level component shortages stay at peak levels, but we expect a huge shift in demand once IC supply begins to let up in 2H2022.
Preview Market Byte 12.16.2021
GPUs remain in high demand, and open-market pricing is up over last month and near the peak level that occurred between February and April of this year. Lead times are extended and range between 6 and 8 weeks.


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