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Market Intelligence Report

Empowering insights on commodity and supply chain dynamics

Open-market activity provides a lens into broader market conditions and is often an early indicator of trends and supply chain disruptions. As electronic-component distribution channels have evolved in our increasingly connected world, tier-one OEMS and CMs have looked to open-market distributors as strategic partners to help balance their supply chains.

We’ll help you make the most informed and tactical decisions.

Each month, Smith offers select customers access to our expertly curated Market Intelligence Report.

Our team of experts brings a diverse wealth of knowledge and experience that helps us offer the most relevant and actionable insights into the global electronic-component marketplace. From Smith’s decades in business and vast network of longstanding market relationships to the commodity, cross-industry, and regional expertise of our employees, we have connections and resources in place to keep you fully informed and help guide your purchasing strategies.

Market Bytes

Smith’s biweekly Market Bytes offer a quick at-a-glance into what’s going on in the worldwide electronic-component marketplace.
Preview Market Byte 12.1.2022
Monthly demand for IC parts is down by 20-30% from peak levels but remains 4-6 times higher than before the shortage. TI remains the most requested manufacturer, with demand levels still 6-10 times higher than pre-shortage demand.”
Preview Automotive Insights Market Byte 11.30.2022
Power MOSFETs, especially those required in automotive applications, top the list of most sought-after parts from onsemi. However, most of onsemi’s broad portfolio is still challenging manufacturers looking for key components to keep their auto and other production moving.
Preview Market Byte 11.30.2022
The Russo-Ukrainian War continues to hamper raw-material production. While there is massive uncertainty over how the situation will progress, it is expected to contribute to higher prices of ICs even after the conflict is resolved.
Preview Automotive Insights Market Byte 11.23.2022
TSMC halted production in its Nanjing plant of 16nm wafers and has decided to expand its production capacity of 22nm and 28nm wafers there instead, aiming to grow its automotive-component output.
Preview Market Byte 11.22.2022
AMD’s prices and deliveries remain flat and steady. The company recently began shipping its Ryzen V3000 series to cloud-storage and enterprise customers and its Ryzen 7000 series to PC makers to take advantage of DDR5 specifications.
Preview Market Byte 11.17.2022
On average, lead times for semiconductors have lessened by 4-5 days in the last month. However, that is somewhat misleading since that includes a number of early deliveries of consumer-goods-centric ICs. Overall, lead times remained relatively unchanged month to month.
Preview Automotive Insights Market Byte 11.16.2022
Automotive-specific products make up a majority of the demand for Texas Instruments products, with power-management regulators (TPS, LMR series), operational amplifiers (OPA series), and automotive MCUs (TMS320) seemingly of greatest concern.
Preview Market Byte 11.15.2022
In September, Intel announced that it would be raising prices for its CPUs despite the current market conditions. However, prices have remained flat month to month, and neither vendors nor end users appear worried about price increases for the time being.
Preview Market Byte 11.10.2022
There has been minor growth in open-market demand for ceramic capacitors from Vishay and Murata, with a slight increase in lead times for them. But they have not yet reached the point of concern for end users since the overall market is slowing.



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