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Market Intelligence Report

Empowering insights on commodity and supply chain dynamics

Open-market activity provides a lens into broader market conditions and is often an early indicator of trends and supply chain disruptions. As electronic-component distribution channels have evolved in our increasingly connected world, tier-one OEMS and CMs have looked to open-market distributors as strategic partners to help balance their supply chains.

We’ll help you make the most informed and tactical decisions.

Each month, Smith offers select customers access to our expertly curated Market Intelligence Report.

Our team of experts brings a diverse wealth of knowledge and experience that helps us offer the most relevant and actionable insights into the global electronic-component marketplace. From Smith’s decades in business and vast network of longstanding market relationships to the commodity, cross-industry, and regional expertise of our employees, we have connections and resources in place to keep you fully informed and help guide your purchasing strategies.

Market Bytes

Smith’s biweekly Market Bytes offer a quick at-a-glance into what’s going on in the worldwide electronic-component marketplace.
Preview Market Byte 9.22.2022
With scarce new production capacity coming online for the die nodes that are being used by the most problematic chips (and very little expansion expected for their raw materials), it will likely be some time before chipmakers fix all their backlogs – even running at 95-98% utilization rates.
Preview Automotive Insights Market Byte 9.21.2022
NVIDIA is working on its upcoming launch of Drive Thor, the company’s next-gen automotive chip that is intended to unify many in-car technologies such as driver monitoring systems, automated driving capabilities, and more. Production is planned to begin in 2025.
Preview Market Byte 9.20.2022
Since China’s COVID lockdown measures have lessened and allowed component factories to maintain stable production, the demand for passive products like MLCCs and connectors has decreased. Consequently, some end users have been pushing out delivery dates for these components.
Preview Market Byte 9.15.2022
Standard pricing is beginning to shift. As we’ve seen in earlier months, most of the largest wafer fabricators have given notices of price hikes, and, coupled with standard inflation, many semiconductor designers have also either increased their ASPs or announced upcoming increases to their ASPs.
Preview Automotive Insights Market Byte 9.14.2022
President Joe Biden attended the North American International Auto Show in Detroit today, where he announced the first $900 million in grants to build electric vehicle charging stations in 35 states as part of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill.
Preview Market Byte 9.13.2022
The U.S. CHIPS Act is the latest law to be passed in the global battle for semiconductor supremacy, but it won’t be the last. The EU has a similar bill being proposed, and many other countries already provide tax credits, investment capital, and other supports designed to attract companies to their shores.
Preview Market Byte 9.8.2022
Inflation and concerns of a global recession continue to suppress sales in consumer electronics, especially within the PC and smartphone markets. This has allowed consumer electronics manufacturers to gather enough ICs to keep their production lines running smoothly and even build up buffer or excess stock.
Preview Automotive Insights Market Byte 9.7.2022
In spite of some easing around ICs, many of these components are still causing problems for end users, especially within the automotive and industrial markets. Chips that contain multiple dies - like FPGAs, MCUs, and DSPs – remain the most problematic items. Power ICs/MOSFETs and IGBTs are also highly sought after.
Preview Market Byte 9.6.2022
Negative sales growth in the personal computing segment has caused memory pricing of all types to drop MoM. PC, graphic, and mobile DRAM prices are down by about 15%, server DRAM prices are also down by about 15% despite healthy demand, and NAND products have seen a 6-10% reduction in prices.



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