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Smith’s Customized Solutions Help Customers Maximize Efficiency

Our customers come from all verticals of the electronics market and require tailored support for their unique projects. Smith’s value-add capabilities, such as kitting, barcoding, and labeling, take our supply chain solutions to the next level. Whether we are managing a VMI program or providing procurement support, these fully customizable offerings are integrated into Smith’s end-to-end supply chain solutions to meet the individual needs of our customers, help lower costs, and improve operational efficiency.

Smith’s kitting solutions allow our customers to start right out of the box, with the parts they need tested, sorted, and ready to go. Kits can be tailored to our customers’ specifications and help ensure quality and standardization – even in challenging settings like field locations.


Our comprehensive kitting service can be scaled to accommodate projects of any size or scope,” said Art Figueroa, Vice President of Operations and Quality, NA & EU. “Smith’s customers are able to reduce their supplier base and workforce needed to complete their builds with less operational waste.


Labeling and barcoding services facilitate consistent organizational schema for our customers’ production needs. Custom labels and barcodes allow our customers to easily access product information, such as manufacturers, part numbers, and quantities, to expedite and streamline their receiving process.

“Smith can bring together key components – or even a customer’s entire bill of materials – in one place, organized and labeled to their specifications and ready to use,” said Figueroa. “Our kitting, barcoding, and labeling support help optimize their bill of materials for maximum efficiency.”

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