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Smith’s Lifecycle Management Services Help Keep You Moving

At all product stages and in any supply chain conditions, Smith will help safeguard you from disruptions.

Given the current supply chain climate, it’s a stark understatement to say that disruptions are a challenge that can steer your plans off course. Some changes are foreseeable, though, allowing you to take steps in advance that can ease your path down the road. Building proactive strategies for product lifecycle management is one step that can help mitigate your risk of disruption in changeable situations.

It can be burdensome, though, to balance comprehensive lifecycle management for your bill of materials while managing your day-to-day operations. In situations like this, working with an experienced supply chain partner like Smith can deliver the solutions you need while freeing you up to focus on your normal business – without disruption.

Smith can help you keep track of component lifecycles and proactively plan for changes so that you can easily navigate fluctuations across markets or situations like NPI or components unexpectedly going end-of-life. Our market intelligence is supported by a network of trusted industry resources who keep us informed on the latest product updates so that we can closely track component lifecycles and alert you as soon as product changes or revisions are in the works.

To keep your lines running smoothly, Smith can arrange volume purchases as components near end-of-life. We can also source parts for NPI, current production, and aftermarket services. Our decades-long supplier connections help us offer you access to even the hardest-to-source components at all stages of the product lifecycle – including obsolete ones – so you will have reliable access to the parts you need.

Smith can provide further agility in your lifecycle-management strategy through a flexible range of warehousing options carried out within our global distribution centers, from secure hubbing to just-in-time delivery. Based on your needs, we can store your product long-term at our warehouses and ship it out per a set schedule or immediately ship it to meet demand. We can also work with you to customize an inventory program based on flexible ownership options that can help reduce your inventory holding costs.

Component lifecycles don’t have to define your choices. EOL situations can strain your operations, especially if warranty and repair agreements or production are hanging in the balance. But taking a proactive and informed stance toward product lifecycle changes before they’re hitting you head-on can make all the difference when it comes to operating through disruptions.

When product lifecycle management becomes complex and threatens your operations and plans, look to a trusted partner like Smith to take this complexity out of your hands and build a solution for smooth and uninterrupted procurement that meets your unique needs. No matter the situation, we’ll keep you moving.

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