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CES 2022: Top Three Takeaways

Market Intelligence


The global electronics market is always changing. Stay informed on the best procurement and inventory strategy decisions with Smith’s market intelligence.
Market Byte 1.18.22
Supplies of power management and microcontrollers remain constrained – especially those from NXP, STMicroelectronics, onsemi, and Microchip Technology. Lead times are trending upwards to 50-plus weeks. Pricing is volatile and has steadily increased day after day in the last month.
Market Byte 1.13.2022
Demand has intensified in recent weeks for networking equipment, specifically Broadcom controllers and adaptors, Mellanox controllers, and Intel ethernet cards. Supplies are severely constrained in the market, with lead times between 12 and 16 weeks. Pricing has also ticked up over the last month.
Market Byte 1.11.2022
Availability of FPGAs, specifically those of Altera (Intel) and Xilinx, is worsening as demand surges. Supplies are extremely limited, with lead times averaging 54-plus weeks and trending upwards. Pricing has jumped by approximately 20% over the last month.
Market Byte 1.4.2022
Demand for Intel’s Skylake CPUs has intensified in recent weeks, and product availability has seemed to tighten overnight. Lead times have more than doubled from the standard one-to-two weeks, with backorders stacked up through the end of February. Pricing is currently stable.
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