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Building an Agile Total Asset Decommissioning Strategy for Your Datacenter

Maintaining your datacenter through its evolving lifecycle calls for comprehensive asset decommissioning. But how can you achieve this – and what are the benefits?

Technology is always evolving. This brings welcome breakthroughs in what we’re capable of across industries – we need only look at how the world has managed to keep moving this last year and a half in the midst of one of humanity’s largest economic disruptions. Demand on datacenters, especially, reached a fever pitch in working to keep society connected even while apart.

Evolution also means outgrowing the old and figuring out how to deal most productively with what’s left over. In the datacenter sphere, this means carrying out regular equipment upgrades to stay current and meet rising functionality and volume demands. While enterprise customers’ need for quality equipment means that reliable procurement is key to managing datacenter setups, they require support beyond that – and beyond simple disposition.

Smith offers our enterprise customers total asset decommissioning support to empower them at every stage of their datacenters’ lifecycles. Our dynamic Intelligent ITADTM program provides freedom from unwanted or retired datacenter assets through multifaceted decommissioning solutions built to comprehensively address each element of our partners’ unique situations.

Here are some of the most valuable benefits Smith’s datacenter decommissioning solutions can help you achieve:

1.) ROI optimization through product remarketing

We can help you find freedom from retired equipment while also recouping value from it. Our global trading teams and vast customer network enable us to arrange the greatest possible return on your investment. We’ll determine your components’ value by conducting market evaluations based on our years of experience, data collection, and market knowledge. We’ll then ensure they’re safe to sell using SWIPESM, our proprietary data-wiping and verification service that permanently removes information from HDDs and SSDs to Department of Defense standards. Through a mix of online sales, e-commerce tools, and inside sales, Smith can optimize your equipment’s exposure to increase sales and profit potential. We remarket SSDs, HDDs, CPUs, graphic cards, routers, and a variety of other equipment.

2.) Seamless adherence to security and compliance regulations

Your company’s datacenter contains terabytes of important corporate data. We understand the critical need to protect sensitive information while still meeting stringent security regulations. Smith safeguards your data and other information to DoD standards with dependable wiping, degaussing, and shredding services. We help ensure that your retired assets are handled in a green manner that is fully compliant with environmental laws.

3.) Establishment of a circular economy model in line with green initiatives

Smith is committed to ensuring zero waste to landfill through responsible disposal and ROI optimization. Alongside better returns, we help our partners gain the peace of mind of knowing that their retired assets are being dispositioned responsibly. A circular economy is a system in which all materials and components are kept at their highest value and where e-waste is essentially designed out of the system. Smith has the certified capabilities to help our customers develop a circular economy system for datacenter assets through the processes of design, buyback, recycling and recapturing, durability and repair, and urban mining.

No matter what industry you are in, Smith can help optimize your business. From datacenters to server rooms and beyond, we can engineer flexible solutions to retire your equipment in compliance with all regulatory guidelines. Reach out to our experts at [email protected] to learn how we can help you securely and sustainably disposition retired product while achieving maximum ROI.

Keep an eye out here on our Market Blog and our LinkedIn page for more industry news and analysis.

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