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ITAD (IT Asset Disposition)

Customized ITAD services for projects of any size or scope

Smith’s Intelligent ITAD™ program offers more than just freedom from your retired IT equipment. Our team of experts will work with you to deliver multifaceted IT asset disposition solutions.

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    How We Help

    Intelligent ITAD™ Solutions

    Smith has spent more than four decades building a foundation of stability and innovation that customers know and rely on. Far more than just skilled sourcing, we provide our global partners comprehensive support at every step of their process and their supply chain, from sourcing to disposition.


    Most ITAD service providers offer one-size-fits-all solutions to infrastructure management. Smith’s Intelligent ITAD™ program is fully customizable to meet each customer’s requirements. Our proprietary data-wiping and verification service – SWIPE® – helps businesses of all sizes and scopes realize potential returns on investment for their unwanted HDDs and SSDs. By providing detailed analyses of their hardware and electronic components, our ITAD solutions offer customers a comprehensive view of their infrastructure’s value before decommissioning.

    Circular Economy Support

    The world produces 40 million tons of e-waste annually, and only 20% of that is being disposed of properly. We offer our global partners the skilled support they need to implement a circular economy, responsibly reducing their e-waste footprint and recovering their retired assets’ value in the process.

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    Responsible Hardware Disposition

    Maximized ROI is vital, but so is the peace of mind of knowing that your retired assets are being dispositioned responsibly, in line with all relevant environmental and compliance requirements.

    • Smith’s Intelligent ITAD program is R2-certified helping to ensure best recycling practices are being met.
    • Our environmental management processes follow industry best practices and are backed by Smith’s ISO 14001 certification, which we have held since 2005.
    • Smith is also certified to CTPAT® to help safeguard your sensitive equipment and information.

    Smith Certifications


    Smith’s marketing and resale services provide an environmentally friendly and profitable solution to keep e-waste out of landfills. Smith’s Intelligent ITAD™ representatives will work with you to identify untapped value in retired equipment to make sure you’re extracting the highest value from any dispositioned materials.



    ISO 14001

    Smith’s environmental management system promotes an environmentally conscious workplace and continuous compliance with applicable regulations.



    The International Secure Information Governance & Management Association™ validates Smith's commitment to protecting your sensitive data through the safe and secure disposition and destruction of assets.



    Smith’s adherence to specified e-waste practices underscores our deep commitment to supporting a healthy and responsible global recycling stream.



    Smith conforms to the EN 50625 standards for responsible processing and disposing of electronic waste.

    Smith Insights in IT Asset Disposition

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