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OEM Buyback/Off-Lease Programs

Helping your business achieve new product goals

Smith will purchase older versions of your product back from your existing customer base to help free up their capital for upgrades or new product versions.

How We Help
Ease up your customers’ bottom line for new purchases
Smith can purchase a variety of datacenter and IT

equipment that has been returned from a client’s leasing program

Build customized programs

to meet your specific needs

Certification to the highest industry standards

ensures complete data protection


Reach out to our experts at [email protected] to learn how we can help you securely and sustainably disposition retired product with maximum ROI.



What We Do

Smith’s global ITAD team is a great resource for both the purchasing and remarketing of product. We’ll help your customers free up capital to make room for product updates.

Seamless and simplified solutions

Establishing an OEM buyback/off-lease program doesn’t have to be complicated. Smith’s skilled IT asset disposition team is available globally to help meet your equipment needs simply and efficiently.

  • When a new version of your product becomes available, customers will now have flexible upgrade options.
  • By freeing up capital for your customers, they will be able to invest in newer and more efficient product versions.
  • Smith will purchase older versions of your customer’s product that are returned after a lease program is completed.
Data protection is our priority

SWIPE® 2.0 is Smith’s in-house data-wiping and verification service for hard drives and SSDs. No matter the product type, Smith helps ensure that all data is safely and secured removed.

  • Our service permanently removes information from HDDs and SSDs to the NIST SP 800-88 R1 standard and has been independently certified by Ontrack.
  • Documentation includes a Certificate of Sanitization for each drive that has been processed.
Reap the benefits of Smith’s OEM buyback/off-lease program

Servers, switches, and routers are just some of the OEM products that Smith can create a customized solution around to increase your off-lease bottom line. Additionally, we can help you repair, refurbish, and remarket your product around the world.

Certifications and Affiliations


Smith’s adherence to specified e-waste practices underscores our deep commitment to supporting a healthy and responsible global recycling stream.



Smith conforms to the EN 50625 standards for responsible processing and disposing of electronic waste.


ISO 14001

Smith’s environmental management system promotes an environmentally conscious workplace and continuous compliance with applicable regulations.



Our IAITAM membership supports Smith’s involvement in the full IT asset-management lifecycle and enhances the efficiency, ROI, and risk avoidance achieved by following industry best practices.



The International Secure Information Governance & Management Association™ validates Smith's commitment to protecting your sensitive data through the safe and secure disposition and destruction of assets.



Smith meets U.S. Customs and Border Protection security standards and helps customers avoid delays that slow product delivery.

Hear From Our People

Smith is in the business of helping companies meet needs. Whether they are solving intricate supply chain management issues or putting together programs that are a win-win solution, our teams are present at each step.

Matt Hartzell

Chief Administrative Officer

Smith Insights in OEM Buyback/Off-Lease Programs

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