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Achieving Economic and Environmental Goals through Solar-Product Decommissioning

The rapid growth of the solar industry, coupled with the natural lifecycle of technology products, has set a trend in place where solar items like panels, modules, inverters, racking and mounting parts, and storage systems are continuously being upgraded to include the newest hardware innovation. ONTILITY Powered by Smith has developed a comprehensive solar-product decommissioning program to bridge the gap between those looking to disposition their unwanted solar items and those looking to purchase new projects.

Whether you are simply aiming to liquidate inventory and recoup project funds or need freedom from surplus product, our team can purchase your equipment while helping you secure the maximum return on your investment and maintain environmental compliance.

One of the main benefits ONTILITY Powered by Smith offers when purchasing excess or unwanted solar items from the market is allowing customers to retain their product’s maximum value while reducing their equipment storage and holding costs. Our customers also gain the added value of ONTILITY’s solar market expertise, which helps them navigate fluctuating prices and avoid losses from warranty decreases. Backed by our global network of vetted and proven industry contacts, we are experts at matching buyers and sellers to resell your solar assets.

Previously used and damaged panels and other unwanted products from solar sites around the globe are often disposed of improperly and end up in already overcrowded landfills. To aid in the movement toward a more sustainable supply chain, ONTILITY Powered by Smith offers certified recycling solutions you can trust so products do not end up in the dump. When you offload your unneeded or retired equipment to ONTILITY, we make use of your solar assets and help support the market for reusable products. This, in turn, aids in the development of a circular economy approach, which reduces e-waste footprints.

ONTILITY’s flexible and customizable solar decommissioning program provides the potential for revenue from unwanted and excess items and gives customers peace of mind through our responsible and environmentally friendly disposition options.

Visit ONTILITY Powered by Smith’s page to learn more, and keep an eye out here on our blog and ONTILITY’s LinkedIn page for more solar industry news, analysis, and insights.

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