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Quality at Smith is Comprehensive: Breaking Down the 4Cs Quality Framework

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By: Kirk Wehby, Chief Operating Officer

Smith recently unveiled our new 4Cs quality framework, which outlines the four pillars of quality that serve as the foundation for our operations. As Smith’s Chief Operating Officer, I strive to ensure that our framework for quality excellence is unmatched by any other independent distributor. In this blog series, I will be breaking down each of the 4Cs – comprehensiveness, consistency, continuousness, and certification – to explain their place within the framework and the important role they serve in upholding the high level of quality our customers expect of us.

The first C – comprehensive – reflects our systems-based approach to quality at Smith. Systems bring everything together, from our sourcing and traceability to our packaging and logistics. They help us to ensure that the product is correct, authentic, and of the highest quality.

Our process flows from one system to the next. Smith’s traders enter customer requirements into our CRM tool, which then flow down to WorksChain – Smith’s proprietary operational platform – for our operations team to verify. Beyond that, our entire global team works from these same systems, allowing us to access information held in those systems from anywhere around the world.

Within our systems, Smith’s attention to detail shines through. The specific requirements we capture for our customers are detailed in WorksChain and include everything from lot codes, date codes, and manufacturer specifications to packaging requirements, pictures, and tracking information. Through these systems, we can assess both individual orders and systemwide metrics to further improve our efficiency.

Smith’s systems-based approach applies not only to product and service quality but also to the quality of our people. Our internal e-learning platform, Smith University, utilizes a systems-based program for the training and continual development of our workforce. Each employee’s learning curriculum is individually tailored for their specific job and career trajectory. Through this system, we are able to provide our employees with a wealth of industry and quality knowledge, which in turn gives them the tools necessary to ensure products and services meet the highest standards for quality.

Keep an eye out here on our Market Blog and our LinkedIn page for more industry news, analysis and insights, and information about Smith’s quality program.


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