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Semiconductor Shortage Support: How Smith’s 4Cs of Quality Help to Mitigate Our Customers’ Supply Chain Challenges

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Market Intelligence


The global electronics market is always changing. Stay informed on the best procurement and inventory strategy decisions with Smith’s market intelligence.
Market Byte 6.30.2022
Graphics-card demand is quiet since the cryptocurrency market is on a downturn and the computing market is slowing; their pricing is trending downwardIntel delivered its first GPU to the market with only minor fanfare, but the introduction hasn’t boosted the overall market.
Automotive Insights Market Byte 6.29.2022
According to a recent AutoForecast Solutions report, European auto factories had to reduce their production schedules by 25,000 more vehicles as of mid-June due to the ongoing global microchip shortage. North American producers cut a similar number.
Market Byte 6.28.2022
Standard power ICs, MOSFETs, MCUs, FPGAs, and anything automotive grade are the types of products most in demand on the open market. For the most part, lead times are stable, but they are elevated above pre-pandemic years.
Market Byte 6.23.2022
The CPU market is currently stable overall, with only a few intermittent shortages occurring within the enterprise market, where demand is strong and enterprise manufacturers are still impeded from full production by the lack of components.
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