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CES 2022: Top Three Takeaways

From auto to agricultural tech, what got people talking at CES 2022?

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas alongside Renato Souza, Smith’s Vice President of Business Development, and another executive from our global business development team. Despite the potential uncertainties ahead caused by the pandemic, it was still very clear from being at the event that innovation and the need for semiconductors and other electronic components to power products are still steadily growing. There are many reasons to be optimistic about the future of technology, and one that especially stood out at the show is technology’s power to connect us. CES is often a jumping-off point for what the future of technological innovations will look like and how new verticals will shape out. This year was no different, as the show was complete with the latest advancements from many leading companies like TV-makers Samsung and Sony and many automobile manufacturers, such as GM and BMW.

Here are my top three takeaways from walking the show:

  1. Unprecedented supply chain disruptions over the past year have not slowed down the massive developments in tech innovation.
  2. While we’re likely to see many of the same supply chain challenges of 2021 continue into 2022, we expect to also see more creative procurement strategies adopted by companies to address the ongoing issue. One resourceful way companies are taking proactive steps to keep their supply chains moving is by diversifying their supplier bases. Companies are looking to add new suppliers to their vendor base to keep their production lines active. Many of the new products shown at CES 2022 forecast the ever-growing demand for electronic components and especially the need for quality assurance.

  3. Agricultural tech is making its way closer to supply chains and actualization.
  4. CES 2022

    The massive demand for electronic components has been seen across all industries over the past decade and is now rising most sharply due to ongoing effects from the pandemic. Some industries are starting to experience mainstream growth more than others. For example, the agricultural sector is now filled with prototypes and NPIs for machinery to help the farming community more efficiently harvest crops. Other high-tech agricultural and farming products are expected to be developed alongside the rising popularity (and growing necessity) of maintaining a sustainable ecosystem.

  5. Autonomous vehicles and EV charging station infrastructure are steadily expanding sectors in the automotive sphere.

CES 2022

Another rapidly growing industry is the automotive sector, where passenger cars are quickly becoming more like smartphones. Most specifically, the biggest transformations are occurring in the self-driving sector and in infrastructure for both residential and commercial EV charging. The transformations we’re seeing relate to these types of products becoming more widespread and mainstream.

One of my favorite booth experiences was at the Hyundai Heavy Industries station, where they exhibited some of their robotics alongside their hydrogen-powered autonomous boats. Technological developments in the maritime industry prove that vehicular-tech advancements aren’t just limited to traditional cars anymore. Seeing the tech evolutions from so many different types of companies at CES, both large and small, helps show how technology is intertwined into our very lives, now more than ever.

About Smith

Headquartered in Houston since 1984, Smith is the largest and longest-tenured independent electronic component distributor worldwide. As a proud business leader in our community, we support customers across a wide range of industries, including consumer electronics and automotive, with the electronic components they need to keep their lines moving. Upholding the most stringent quality practices while maintaining proper traceability is at the core of Smith’s foundation. At our operational hubs in Houston, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam, our highly trained quality inspectors measure, verify, and test electronic components from the outer packaging inward to confirm that they meet the highest standards.

The vast range of technologies exhibited at CES 2022 puts into perspective the growing sphere of and increasing need for more and more semiconductors to power technological innovations. We are excited to be a part of the rapidly growing electronic component supply chain industry and anticipate another successful year of helping our customers successfully navigate the market during this ongoing and unprecedented shortage situation.

About the Author 

Anna Holt is the newest member of Smith’s global business development team. She works in Smith’s New York City office, helping customers make increasingly informed decisions regarding their long-term electronic component procurement solutions. Anna most looks forward to helping Smith’s existing and potential customers navigate the electronic component supply chain with our decades of industry expertise and commodity knowledge.



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