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Market Intelligence


The global electronics market is always changing. Stay informed on the best procurement and inventory strategy decisions with Smith’s market intelligence.
Market Byte 12.1.2022
Monthly demand for IC parts is down by 20-30% from peak levels but remains 4-6 times higher than before the shortage. TI remains the most requested manufacturer, with demand levels still 6-10 times higher than pre-shortage demand.”
Automotive Insights Market Byte 11.30.2022
Power MOSFETs, especially those required in automotive applications, top the list of most sought-after parts from onsemi. However, most of onsemi’s broad portfolio is still challenging manufacturers looking for key components to keep their auto and other production moving.
Market Byte 11.30.2022
The Russo-Ukrainian War continues to hamper raw-material production. While there is massive uncertainty over how the situation will progress, it is expected to contribute to higher prices of ICs even after the conflict is resolved.
Automotive Insights Market Byte 11.23.2022
TSMC halted production in its Nanjing plant of 16nm wafers and has decided to expand its production capacity of 22nm and 28nm wafers there instead, aiming to grow its automotive-component output.
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