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CPU Functionality Testing: Delivering Quality – Behind the Scenes

Smith’s CPU testing ensures these vital components are fully functional to optimally power your products.

Smith delivers quality our customers around the world can trust, no matter what components they’re seeking or what disruptions the global electronics supply chain is experiencing. But what steps go into this quality assurance?

In our new series Delivering Quality – Behind the Scenes, we’ll offer an inside look at the steps our quality control and inspection teams take to make sure every component we ship is examined, tested, and vetted so our customers receive only the best from Smith.

(Learn more about our in-house functional testing options in some of our recent videos: LCD Functionality Testing: Delivering Quality – Behind the Scenes and Memory Functionality Testing: Delivering Quality – Behind the Scenes.)

CPU Functionality Testing

In some of our earliest years in business – as we emerged from the feverish tech boom of the 1980s – Smith recognized the growing need for in-house quality testing to verify components’ functionality and authenticity in the swiftly evolving global electronics supply chain. As our customers’ needs evolved, the service and assurance we could offer them needed to, as well.

This led Smith to establish our in-house authenticity testing and functionality testing laboratories. Over the years, we have made significant investments in equipment and in our people’s training, expertise, and certification. In addition to our numerous industry-leading qualifications for facilities and processes, Smith’s tenured lab employees maintain professional certifications and are continuously trained to deepen their understanding of component quality requirements. All of these investments and practices underpin our quality program.

Our industry-leading anti-counterfeit testing vets components to make sure our customers receive only genuine parts – and our functionality testing confirms that all parts work exactly as they should.

Smith’s CPU functionality testing is there to ensure that these vital components are the highest possible quality:

CPU Testing and Verification

When our inspectors put CPUs through the paces to confirm functionality, they can test utilities direct from the manufacturer. In addition to functionality tests, we also offer packaging and remark tests. Smith has the flexibility and capability to meet diverse requirements to ensure full functionality of your CPUs.

Quality Mirrored Worldwide

Whether components are being inspected at our global headquarters in Houston or our regional hubs in Hong Kong and Amsterdam, Smith has invested in upgrades and expansions over the years to ensure that equipment and testing capabilities are mirrored across our operational locations. Additionally, our quality staff across these hubs undergo the same strenuous training and certification so that all of our experts have unified knowledge and practices.

No matter where in the world you are or which of our hubs you’re sourcing from, your CPUs – and any other components – will be tested and processed with the same high level of expertise, following the same stringent processes and procedures, in our state-of-the-art facilities worldwide.

Power Your Products with Reliable CPUs

CPUs are powerhouses that devices rely on, so there’s no room for failure when you’re sourcing them. When you work with Smith, we’ll examine your CPUs in test environments that fully test all aspects of their operation. You can rest assured that they’re ready to be put into production right out of the box so you can keep moving without delay.

Keep an eye out here on our blog and our LinkedIn page for more industry news, analysis, and insights – and for the next video in our Delivering Quality: Behind the Scenes series!

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