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Digital Microscopy Authenticity Testing: Delivering Quality – Behind the Scenes

Smith’s microscopic inspection provides a powerful look at electronic components’ details.

Smith delivers quality our customers around the world can trust, no matter what components they’re seeking or what disruptions the global electronics supply chain is experiencing. But what steps go into this quality assurance?

In our new series Delivering Quality – Behind the Scenes, we’ll offer an inside look at the steps our quality control and inspection teams take to make sure every component we ship is examined, tested, and vetted so our customers receive only the best from Smith. 

(Learn more about our in-house authenticity testing options in our most recent video: X-Ray Authenticity Testing: Delivering Quality – Behind the Scenes.)

Rigorous Authenticity Testing Standards and Resources

Quality is always of the foremost importance when procuring and managing electronic components, but it becomes even more paramount during times of disruption like the current, ongoing global shortage situation.

From unvetted suppliers to opportunistic counterfeiters, there are numerous obstacles that become even more challenging when supply and demand imbalances are dramatic. In times like this, especially, it’s vital to work with distributors who utilize a full range of trusted and certified quality resources, processes, and capabilities.

Smith’s in-house functionality and authenticity laboratories and testing help us meet this need – and our microscope inspection plays an indispensable role in the process.

Leading Microscope Resources

To capture the full array of component details, Smith utilizes a range of microscopes, including both high-magnification HD and 3D microscopes. With these resources, we can inspect the fine details of parts to ensure they meet every specification and required standard.

Microscope Capabilities

 Our range of microscopes enables our global teams of inspectors to examine components for an array of details and potential issues. Smith’s stereo and high-powered microscopes can magnify up to 500x to detect blacktopping, sanding, oxidation, and retinning.

Unwavering Quality Assurance

Whether we’re examining the exterior of a part for signs of counterfeiting attempts using advanced microscopy or utilizing any of our range of authenticity or functionality tests and inspection, Smith will utilize our full range of resources to ensure that the parts we’re sourcing for you are uncompromising in their quality.

Keep an eye out here on our blog and our LinkedIn page for more industry news, analysis, and insights – and for our upcoming wrap-up of Smith’s Delivering Quality: Behind the Scenes series!

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