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Five Reasons to Work With an Electronic Components Distributor When Procuring Parts

Partnering with an independent distributor like Smith can provide the global reach, market expertise, and quality excellence needed to navigate the changing semiconductor supply chain. Decades of industry involvement have positioned us to help customers better implement supply chain strategies and achieve their long-term part-management goals. Check out the list below to learn more about five ways Smith can support your procurement needs.

Network Relationships

Independent electronic component distributors source parts from various channels, including OEMs, contract manufacturers, and other trusted components suppliers. Relying on many channels gives independent distributors access to a broad range of electronic part types from thousands of manufacturers around the world. This diversification in product offerings allows buyers to source components that may not be readily available through authorized channels or directly from manufacturers. Diversifying your supply chain by engaging with an independent electronic component distributor can help mitigate risks associated with single-source dependency. Having alternative sourcing options ensures a more resilient supply chain, reducing the impact of disruptions.


Data Analytics

The unique network relationships that independent component distributors have built over many years can provide deep insight into buying and selling transactions on the open market. Analyzing these transactions allows Smith to better understand market trends for preferences, behaviors, and needs. This information can then be used to help customers create personalized supply chain management strategies that are tailored to their businesses. Data points can help identify areas of price or demand inefficiencies and optimize planning processes to reduce operational costs. By analyzing large volumes of data, trends and patterns that may not be readily apparent can begin to emerge. These insights can be used to adapt long-term, flexible supply chain strategies and anticipate future trends.


Dedicated In-House Experts

As an independent electronic component distributor, Smith utilizes our team of in-house experts to help develop a deeper understanding of our customers’ specific business needs. Commodity managers and other technical experts on staff provide valuable guidance and support in identifying market trends to aid in selecting the right components for a particular application. This technical expertise and personalized support is especially helpful for engineers and designers, who may need specific requirements or other technical assistance. Independent component distributors must prioritize customized customer support to succeed, and the solid relationships Smith has built throughout the supply chain is a testament to our unparalleled service and tailored solutions that address each client’s unique supply chain requirement.


Balanced Supply

At its core, distribution of electronic components is simply matching buyers and sellers. Where one customer may have an excess or surplus of product, another could be experiencing shortages. Strategic electronic component distributors excel at helping their customers offload or buy product at the right time, and Smith’s global market visibility and decades of historical industry data provide our customers with the critical information they need to make smart procurement decisions. Because these resources allow our partners to continuously adapt, our electronic component distribution solutions can easily be scaled up or down to grow with them.



The electronic components supply chain is a constantly fluctuating market, typically reactive to unforeseen events. Companies must diversify their part-sourcing strategies to be able to successfully weather potential interruptions. Smith’s global infrastructure gives us the flexibility to nimbly mitigate supply chain disruptions to meet unique customer needs, which is why we’ve been named the leading independent component distributor for the last twelve years.

Smith powers innovation and connects supply chains with our decades of experience navigating every segment of the global electronics market. With this foundation, we keep our customers’ supply chains moving by connecting them with the electronic components, services, and insights they need to make the most informed and tactical supply chain decisions.

Keep an eye out here on our blog and our LinkedIn page for more industry news, analysis, and insights.

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