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Shortage Sourcing: Service Solutions

Smith’s expert shortage sourcing can help you keep moving through any disruption.

Procurement support is vital, especially during unprecedented supply chain climates like the current, ongoing shortage situation. Truly dynamic support, though, goes beyond simple procurement.

Smith offers comprehensive partnership underpinned by our flexible, customizable service programs, which can hone in on your organization’s specific inventory and supply chain needs to address and solve your unique challenges.

(Learn about another of our service solutions in our recent video: Excess Inventory: Service Solutions.)

Our shortage-sourcing support offers sophisticated, tailored procurement that addresses everchanging supply chain and market dynamics to obtain the product you need and keep you moving. Supported by a leading quality program, global reach, and diverse options for inventory management, this service offers the next level of sourcing support.

Smith’s Director of Purchasing, Megan Pedigo, explains how in the following video:

Navigate Shortages with Agile Sourcing

Since our founding in the tech boom of the early 80s, skilled shortage sourcing has been one of Smith’s key strengths and specialties. We built our business on our ability to seamlessly meet any customer’s needs in any market condition or supply chain situation. Flux and disruption are where we’re at home, nimbly navigating to help our customers keep moving no matter what’s going on in the market.

Make Informed Purchasing Decisions with Market-Intelligence Support

Our commodity and market experts make use of the knowledge gained from Smith’s decades in the electronics industry and our network of trusted industry partners to stay ahead of emerging market dynamics. We pass these data and insights along to our customers to help inform their strategies and purchasing decisions.

Utilize Multichannel Sourcing

Smith’s reach is global and spans industries, with partners at every level of the electronic-component supply chain. With our broad net of contacts, we can look to many sources and options to procure the product you’re searching for – from OEMs to trusted and vetted sources on the open market. Every option is open to us so we can flexibly source the parts you need.

Rigorous Quality and Anticounterfeit Testing

Quality is vital to everything we do, from our procurement to our processes. Our QC program is the heart of this uncompromising dedication to quality, with mirrored global functional and anticounterfeit testing support offered at our operational hubs in Houston, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam. You can learn more about our testing and QC processes and resources in our recent Delivering Quality video series.

Global Support

With 17 offices around the world, our support is global and also uniquely localized to meet the needs – and harmonize with the business customs – of our partners in cities and countries across three continents. Our experts at our various offices will work closely with you to offer tailored support that is mindful of worldwide and local industry and market dynamics, languages, needs, and more.

Customize Inventory-Management and Hubbing Programs

In concert with our skilled sourcing, we can also build custom inventory-management and hubbing programs to meet your specific needs. We will work with you to engineer the right solution to make sure your inventory situation is optimized at every step, from procurement on.

Keep an eye out here on our blog and our LinkedIn page for more industry news, analysis, and insights – and for the next video in our Service Solutions series!

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