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Excess Inventory: Service Solutions

Smith’s dynamic service options can help you manage excess inventory optimally. 

Procurement support is vital, especially during unprecedented supply chain climates like the current, ongoing shortage situation. Truly dynamic support, though, goes beyond simple procurement. 

Smith’s comprehensive support for our global partners is underpinned by our flexible, customizable service programs, which can hone in on your organization’s specific inventory and supply chain needs to address and solve your unique challenges. 

Our excess-inventory service solutions offer an option to free you up from outdated, unwanted, or surplus inventory in an efficient way that offers maximum returns on your investment – plus adherence to sustainability requirements. 

Smith’s Vice President of Purchasing Todd Snow explains how in the following video: 



Clear Excess Inventory While Maximizing ROI 

Surplus inventory can sit on shelves and lose value over time, but our excess-inventory solutions offer a way to avoid devaluation and loss. We can engineer a solution to clear your excess inventory while helping you recover value, maximizing your return on investment.  

Environmentally Friendly and Profitable 

There’s a reason “reuse” is a key step in the classic sustainability advice, “Reduce, reuse, and recycle.” Offering inventory a second life through sale and reuse is more than profitable for your organization – it’s also environmentally friendly. We can help you manage excess inventory in a thoroughly sustainable manner so that you adhere to any relevant regulatory requirements and support global green efforts. 

Excess Inventory Solutions Built to Meet Your Timeline 

We can build a tailored excess solution to meet your specific timeline, taking into account product lifecycles, date codes, and any other relevant details necessary to ensure your program is successful and delivers the maximum ROI. 

Hybrid and Customizable Programs 

 Our team of experts will work with you to analyze and determine your needs so we can tailor an excess-inventory program unique to your organization’s goals and operations. From lot buys to line-by-line or a blend, we’ll build the right setup for you.  

Expert Market Analysis 

All of Smith’s service programs are supported by our global team of component and market experts. This expert market analysis enables us to build the most effective excess-inventory program for your situation and needs, including precise customer matching to arrange profitable remarketing opportunities.  

Dynamic Excess-Inventory Solutions to Meet Your Needs 

Whatever the scale of your excess-inventory needs or aims for your custom program, Smith’s experts can build the precise solution to match, offering you an efficient way to gain value on unneeded product while meeting environmental and regulatory goals and requirements.   

Keep an eye out here on our blog and our LinkedIn page for more industry news, analysis, and insights – and for the next video in our Service Solutions series!  

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for video updates. 

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