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Continuous Shortage Support: Smith’s 4Cs Quality Framework

Market Intelligence


The global electronics market is always changing. Stay informed on the best procurement and inventory strategy decisions with Smith’s market intelligence.
Market Byte 5.12.2022
The PC market has quieted in the last quarter, and shipment numbers continue to fall, which has also lessened demand for PC DRAM and PC CPUs for the past month. Though dips in demand often undermine prices, the rising costs of raw materials and logistics are bolstering standard prices; monthly ASPs are flat MoM.
Market Byte 5.10.2022
Despite optimistic forecasts that sluggish demand in the PC and smartphone markets would alleviate some shipment constraints and create some rebalancing of inventory levels, little has changed with the semiconductor shortage in the past month.
Market Byte 5.5.2022
The return of enterprise demand has been hampered by the IC shortage, which is not allowing server manufacturers and edge-computing ODMs to complete orders. Coupled with PC shipments continuing their downward trends, the expected boost for CPU demand has not come to fruition.
Market Byte 5.3.2022
Due to the IC shortage, HDD and SSD manufacturers have been unable to produce their full portfolios. Many are focusing on mainstream and high-density drives that are in greater demand from enterprise and datacenter clients.
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