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What is ITAD? 3 Keys to Optimizing Your Unwanted Electronics Strategy

What is ITAD? Information technology asset disposition (ITAD) is a program and practice designed to help companies properly dispose of their outdated or unwanted hardware. Whether the assets are traditional office equipment like laptops and printers or large server racks used in datacenters, the disposition process looks similar. To prevent discarded technology assets from adding to landfills as e-waste, ITAD programs can help companies balance economical, safe, and sustainable solutions that meet internal and external requirements. Companies of all sizes and industries can find ways to optimize their unwanted-electronics decommissioning strategies through comprehensive IT equipment disposal.

As companies naturally go through technology refreshes and upgrades, some equipment becomes obsolete or no longer useful to them, but the hardware and other commodity parts inside the device can be repurposed. Memory modules, CPUs, SSDs, and HDDs are some of the most commonly harvested components from ITAD technologies. Implementing ITAD solutions as a program and practice calls on organizations to evaluate their return on investment (ROI), compliance, and data security goals.

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What is ITAD? Maximizing ROI potential through safe disposal and remarketing services

For companies looking to dispose of their technology assets, there are often organizations aiming to purchase used hardware as a cost-effective means for their own upgrades. The open market for electronic-component procurement, which includes semiconductor buyers and sellers from a wide array of channels, is rapidly expanding to include unwanted parts acquired through IT asset disposition. Return on investment in the ITAD industry means companies can create value for their assets through remarketing services. Rather than destroying the still-useful commodities inside devices, organizations can gain some return back on components and other ITAD technologies sold in the open market.

Optimize confidence in data and ITAD security management

An organization’s proprietary data is often one of its most important business assets. Outdated documents and other internal communications on old hardware need to be disposed of safely and securely. ITAD programs help companies confirm that their information has been completely erased and wiped securely through degaussing. A certificate of sanitization is produced by an ITAD service provider to confirm that data has been erased and is unrecoverable. Establishing proper ITAD security practices in the realm of data erasure means that services are provided according to certified industry standards and that there is a standardized documentation process for record keeping.

Achieving compliance goals in line with an organization’s values

IT equipment disposal programs can also help companies meet internal, governmental, and other environmental regulations. The amount of electronic equipment that ends up in landfills and converted to e-waste is rising each year. To address this issue, many companies are looking at ways they can mitigate their electronic waste footprints through reselling or recycling solutions. A large part of the compliance efforts in IT asset disposition are driven by sustainability measures through recycling initiatives where services help provide a new solution to end-of-life electronics products that would otherwise go to waste.

Smith has spent nearly four decades building a foundation of stability and innovation that customers know and rely on in the electronics supply chain industry. Far more than semiconductor procurement, we provide our global partners comprehensive support at every step of their process and their lifecycle, from sourcing to IT asset disposition. Our Intelligent ITADTM program is backed by industry-leading certifications such as ISO 14001 and R2 to help ensure proper environmental management and other compliance requirements are met. By balancing return on investment, data security, and compliance goals, Smith’s IT asset disposition program offers total asset decommissioning of unwanted datacenter and corporate products.

Need more information on what is ITAD? Contact Smith for information on ITAD or any other services we offer.


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