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Market Intelligence: Service Solutions

Smith’s market-intelligence insights help our global partners strategize in a continually changing market.

Procurement support is vital, especially during unprecedented supply chain conditions like the ongoing shortage situations we see in industry segments like automotive and the aftermath of the overarching, global shortage of the last few years that many industries are only now beginning to emerge from. Truly dynamic support, though, goes beyond simple procurement.

Smith offers comprehensive partnership underpinned by our flexible, customizable service programs, which can hone in on your organization’s specific inventory and supply chain needs to address and solve your unique challenges.

(Learn about more of our service solutions in some of our previous videos: Shortage Sourcing: Service Solutions and Excess Inventory: Service Solutions.)

Smith’s market-intelligence insights not only empower our dynamic procurement and sourcing programs – we also extend this knowledge and support to our global partners to help inform and guide their business strategies in the continually changing global electronics supply chain.

Smith’s Manager of Market Intelligence, Todd Banker, explains how in the following video:



Decades of Industry Expertise, Connections, and Resources

Since 1984, Smith’s team of global experts has been building a foundation and expanse of knowledge about commodities, industries, and varying market dynamics so that we are well equipped to advise in any market situation the industry may encounter. During this time, we’ve also been building long-standing relationships with partners around the world to make an unrivaled partner network – and an unrivaled source of market data and information.


Insight Into Commodity and Supply Chain Dynamics

Whatever the commodity in question is, our experts are well-versed about a full range of product types and varieties. Likewise, we are specialists in navigating, analyzing, and advising on diverse supply chain dynamics and have been since our founding, when we first began supporting and guiding our customers through the booming electronics supply chain of the 1980s. From excess to shortage to varied disruptions, our experts can offer guidance and support so you can weather shifts seamlessly.


Diverse Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

We have a vast team of traders across our global offices, all of whom work closely with local partners and maintain current, incisive awareness of localized dynamics and concerns. Around the world, across industries, our team helps to continually gather the specialized knowledge necessary to have full visibility into worldwide supply chains.


Monthly Market Intelligence Report and Social Media Updates

Each month, we gather our most current insights and commentary and pass them along to our partners through our Market Intelligence Report, which offers select customers in-depth information and analysis of industry updates, goings-on, and dynamics. We also share Market Bytes – bite-sized updates – biweekly across our social-media channels.


Make Informed and Tactical Decisions

From our localized knowledge and years of expertise within the everchanging electronics industry to our monthly Market Intelligence Report and Market Bytes, Smith is dedicated to powering our sourcing and supply chain services with leading market intelligence – and sharing this information with our partners to help you better navigate and strategize within the evolving supply chain.


Keep an eye out here on our blog and our LinkedIn page for more industry news, analysis, and insights.

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for video updates.

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