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HDD and SSD Functionality Testing: Delivering Quality – Behind the Scenes

Smith’s HDD and SSD testing ensures that every drive we source is fully functional, top quality, and ready for immediate use.

Smith delivers quality our customers around the world can trust, no matter what components they’re seeking or what disruptions the global electronics supply chain is experiencing. But what steps go into this quality assurance?

In our new series Delivering Quality – Behind the Scenes, we’ll offer an inside look at the steps our quality control and inspection teams take to make sure every component we ship is examined, tested, and vetted so our customers receive only the best from Smith.

(Learn more about our in-house functional testing options in some of our recent videos: CPU Functionality Testing: Delivering Quality – Behind the Scenes and LCD Functionality Testing: Delivering Quality – Behind the Scenes.)

In-House Confirmation of Functionality

Quality is always a key concern, but it’s an even more vital topic in times of shortage, when scarcity can drive desperation across global supply chains and make sourcing even more uncertain.

The current shortage situation is far from the first one Smith has seen and helped customers navigate – we’ve been aiding our global partners with managing varying supply chain dynamics and upheavals since 1984.

Since nearly that early, we saw the necessity of having in-house quality-assurance foundations so that we could procure product for our customers in full confidence that we were providing them the best. This led to the establishment of our in-house authenticity testing and functionality testing laboratories.

From our early days to now, we put a full range of products through the most stringent inspection and tests. Smith’s HDD and SSD functionality testing confirms that drives are top-quality, working exactly as they should be, and ready to put into immediate use.



HDD and SSD Testing and Verification

In order to ensure that the HDDs and SSDs we’re sourcing for customers’ use are the highest possible quality, Smith’s inspectors put these drives through full diagnostic testing that replicates use environments to confirm full functionality in real application.

This testing includes custom HDD and SSD test mockups configured to our customers’ specifications. No matter what your requirements for qualifying drives’ functionality and integrity, our inspectors can carry out testing to meet them and confirm you’re receiving the highest caliber drives.

Security You Can Trust

HDDs and SSDs can hold a wealth of data, which is a strength when they’re in operation but can be a liability when you’re ready to retire them. To address the need for stringent data security around drives, Smith also offers data wiping and drive shredding services through our Intelligent ITADTM program.

These data wiping and destruction services offer the flexibility you may need to carry out different stages of your projects and production – all in a certified-sustainable and secure manner. Whether you’re seeking HDDs and SSDs to use in your new production or looking for a safe solution to dispose of drives you no longer need, Smith can support you across the HDD and SSD lifecycle.

Full-Spectrum HDD and SSD Support

As devices across industries grow increasingly sophisticated (and as our connected world becomes even more so), it’s vital to have top-quality HHDs and SSDs providing a strong data-storage foundation for electronics and infrastructure alike. Smith is here to help with reliable, flexible functionality testing of a full range of drives – in addition to support for other stages of the HDD/SSD lifecycle.

Trust us to deliver the quality and security you need to keep your production moving seamlessly.

Keep an eye out here on our blog and our LinkedIn page for more industry news, analysis, and insights – and for the next video in our Delivering Quality: Behind the Scenes series!

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